Oil Free Diet Safe - Tiffalina's Personal Care Pack

$71.45 $49.97
Oil-Free Conditioner (Required)
Oil-Free Lip Balm (Required)
Oil-Free Face Cream (Required)
Oil-Free Lotion (Required)
Oil-Free Shampoo (Required)

Don’t waste time running around stores looking at every single label in order to find all the safe toiletries needed while on an oil-free diet plan. The Tiffalina's Personal Care Kit has all the product replacements a person will need in one simple and convenient purchase. So, click, buy, and relax knowing that you are getting 100% diet-safe hygiene items delivered to your door step.

Tiffalina's Personal Hygiene Kit for oil-free diet plans includes:

  • Tiffalina’s Shampoo (12 oz.)
  • Tiffalina's Conditioner  (12 oz.)
  • Tiffalina's Lotion (12 oz.)
  • Tiffalina's Lip Balm (.50 oz.)
  • Tiffalina's Face Cream (2 oz.)

For more information (such as product descriptions) on the items listed above, please view the individual products. 

**Everyone's body is different. If you notice slowing of weight loss, stall, or gain with any of these products, stop use immediately. **


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