SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops Sweetener Ingredient Information

Per Dr. Simeons manuscript and our own experience that backs up what Dr. Simeons described regarding the use of oil and/or sugar during the low calorie phase of the HCG Diet, we have always instructed dieters to completely avoid ingredients like fruit oils and fruit concentrates in any form.  Since 2007, we’ve been recommending SweetLeaf® brand stevia as the best HCG diet-safe stevia and we have used and watched others use truckloads of these products with great success with regard to weight loss. 

While we thought this brand of stevia met our rigorous standards 100%, we recently discovered that some flavors of Sweatleaf® brand liquid stevia do have a very small amount of  fruit oil and/or fruit concentrate that were previously included on the ingredient list as “natural flavors”. So, even though the ingredients have remained the same, the manufacturer of this product recently changed the label and provided additional, more specific details in the ingredients list such as peppermint oil, strawberry concentrate, etc.  

Since our customers have used SweetLeaf® liquid stevia unrestricted for over 5 years and have been very successful with weight loss on the HCG Protocol,  we continue to recommend SweetLeaf® liquid stevia drops since other brands have significantly more fillers and other ingredients that should be avoided for maximum weight loss results. However, since some Sweatleaf® products do contain a small amount of oil and/or fruit concentrate, you may consider limiting your intake of these products if you experience any type of slow down or stall that you attribute to these products until you move on to maintenance and beyond.