40 Day Weight Management Package - Energy (Alcohol Base)

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 Weight Management Drops: 40 Day Weight Management Package - Energy (Alcohol Base)

The 40 Day Weight Management Package includes drops from DIY Diet Store to provide you with a fast and effective way to lose weight. Our weight management drops can be successfully used in conjunction with Dr. ATW's original manuscript. This 2 oz bottle of drops plus B12 should last up to 40 days when .5 cc is accurately measured three times per day while on the diet plan.

DIY Weight Management Drop Package

Our Weight Management Drop Package contains the key elements that you need to successfully diet for 30-40 days. The Pack includes drops that are unique from the original formula. This weight management package includes drops with added vitamin B12 to give you that extra boost of energy for weight loss.

Included with the Weight Management Drop Package:
  • One 2 oz Bottle of DIY Energy Plus Drops with Alcohol Base (up to 40 day supply)

  • DIY Loser’s Manual

  • Access to our Diet Experts by Phone or E-mail

  • Access to Full Pounds and Inches Manuscript

  • Access to Sample Maintenance Menus

  • Sample Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Menus (in your Loser's Manual)

  • Body Measurement Log (in your Loser’s Manual)

  • Weekly Food Chart (in your Loser’s Manual)

  • FREE Bonus: 5 Sample-Size Products

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*If someone has an aversion to alcohol or cannot even have a few drops of alcohol for any reason, then the mineral base is recommended.  However, refrigeration is recommended for the mineral base, where refrigeration is generally not used for the alcohol base.

Note: Box not included.

Warnings: Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use if safety seal is missing or broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews (13)

Lost 16 pnds in 2 weeks

Works as long as you follow the program. You can't cheat. Nicole

This diet works!

Stick to the diet...stick to the plan....lose the weight.... then after the diet you must lose the old bad eating habits and eat healthy..... I have not conquered that part yet and that is why I have done the diet several times ...the "plus energy" drops do help to keep that energy level up during the diet. I've been able to keep running (5K...6 days/week) while on the diet. Stick to the diet---Do or no do; there is no in-between.) Anthony Shamrell

This works!

I’m a repeat customer about every other year just to help maintain (quarantine put some extra pounds on me since no gym) :( I’ll always use this product / diet when I need it. Thank You so much for continuing to provide. Melissa Ray

DIY diet drops with energy

This is my second time using the drops. They work fantastic if you stick to the eating plan. I had a bad headache last time but now I realize it was from not gorging properly. I did this time & no headache whatsoever! These are great for anyone who wants to lose weight fast!! I couldn’t be happier with my results! Jennie Shores

The only way I can cut real weight.

The HCG diet is the only way I have been able to lose stubborn fat. When I seriously follow the 21 day vlcd, not only do I look thinner but, my hair and skin look better. One warning...If you cheat on this, you will gain weight. Stick to it for the whole time. You'll be glad you did. Laura
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