Sugar-Free Dry Bouillon Base - 7 oz.

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Need something warm and filling while on the very low calorie phase of the diet or a little something to make your vegetables more flavorful? Simple Girl Dry Bouillon Base is the perfect blend of herbs and spices. You can use Simple Girl Dry Bouillon Base to prepare a hot cup of bouillon any time during the day or to sauté your vegetables at mealtime.

This product is gluten free, fat free, preservative free, and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. This product is sweetened exclusively with diet-approved stevia.

Size: 7 oz.

Simple Girl Bouillon Base Ingredients: Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Spices, Onion Powder, and Organic Stevia Leaf Extract.

Simple Girl Bouillon Base Nutritional Information: Calories 0, Total Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 300mg, Total Carbs 0mg, Sugars 0g, Protein 0g.

*Bouillon products contain salt, which consumed in excess, may cause water retention in some people.

Customer Reviews (5)

Delicious Bouillon

Bouillon is delicious but pricey for amount paid verses store bought counter erika dutcher

Dry bouillon base

Hooray! Not too salty like most of what's out there. Nice chicken flavor, good for a cup of broth or as a seasoning. Any chance of a beef version? Michele Du Val


My husband LOVES this sprinkled on just about everything.


This is Fantastic! I use 2tsp with 2Cwater and pack as much raw spinach into my pan. Simmer until spinach is desired "doneness" Sometimes I'll add my cubed chicken to it as well. Delicious and filling

Great tasting bouillon!

I wanted something to give more flavor to my food during P1 of the HCH Diet and this is great tasting and satisfying. I use it on meat and vegetables as a seasoning and when I want something hot besides tea, I can have a delicious cup of bouillon. It tastes like real bouillon but without the fat, sugar and preservatives. Very tasty and satisfying! Susan
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