Hazelnut Stevia Liquid Sweetener - No Artificial Sweeteners


SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener is our recommendation for sweetening. It's a healthy choice as it is not artificial in any way unlike most other sweeteners besides sugar. SweetLeaf brand stevia is permitted as a free-use item on the Protocol. Most other companies blend their stevia products with alcohol sugars, dextrose, malto-dextrin or a combination of the above, additives NOT allowed on the Protocol. SweetLeaf Sweetener starts with better ingredients and processing to achieve a superior taste to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Most popular uses of the flavored stevia: All-purpose sweetener for Coffee Drinks, Sweet Tea, and more.

Size: 2 oz.


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Review on Hazelnut Stevia Liquid Sweetener - All-natural, No Artificial Sweeteners

Good tasting sweetner. Will buy again. Diana

Great stuff

Love this stuff!!!! Provine
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