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My Tracker by Tiffany Prinster is a nice little helper for participants during Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Protocol. Along with motivational quotes to inspire you each day, the My Tracker book helps you to easily track the foods you eat at each meal. This convenient and simple tracking allows you to see trends that may be causing your weight loss to slow or stall, an awareness which can ultimately increase your total weight loss. Track your success daily through a full round of the diet, including the Maintenance Phase.

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Love this book.

Helps keep track of when I took HCG, what I ate, and weight. plus I love the motivational quotes. Great! Loretta

A must have!

I am on day 6 of the tracker. I can already say that I consider it a must have. It makes keeping track so much easier. In addition the check off boxes are a simple and concise way to remember what is allowed on the diet. It helps you to select different items for different meals so you don't get bored with the food. I find the notes section helpful to write observations and how things seem to be going on the program. I wish there were a place to keep track of the water I drink but I just write it in any way. Unknown

Very Helpful Tool

This book is great for keeping track of what you eat each day and your progress. It helps when you are doing several rounds of the diet. If you hit a plateau you can look back at other rounds and see if you flattened out at the same time (exactly what happened to me) so you are encouraged to keep going. It helps to see trends like when you suddenly are not losing as much and you look and see you chose red meat too many days. Lastly, it is a way to vent if you are just feeling miserable that day. (again looking at other rounds and realizing that a certain number of days into the diet you felt depressed each time.) Linda
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