My Diet Diary - A Weight Loss Diary for Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches


My Diary is a powerful tool that totally steps you through the phases of an entire round of the Protocol. Day by day, you log your weight and ‘check off’ daily required elements of the diet -- taking your dose, drinking water, choosing menu items, and exercising. It is about the size of a checkbook (7 x 3.5 in.) and can be kept in your purse or pocket for easy access. The diary gathers all the information that may come in handy for troubleshooting your progress as well as indicating what is working, or perhaps what is not working, so that you can make modifications quickly. 

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The Diary features the following:

  • Summary of a typical Diet round
  • Pages customized for Load Days, Low Calorie Diet Days, Maintenance Days
  • Round measurement log
  • Maintenance instructions


Customer Reviews (5)

Exaclty what I needed to just remember...

everything on this crazy (but amazing) diet. lol Grace

Very helpful!!

This is a great size to keep with me at all times so I can keep track of everything throughout the diet plan! Monica

Great Way to Keep Track

I love this little booklet! It has everything I need to keep track of what I eat, how much I weigh and how much I have lost. Janice Baker

Great purse journal for HCG diet

Makes tracking everything really easy. Good documentation of everything I do on it! Unknown

I like it!

Quick and easy to use Milano
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