Oil Free Diet Safe Tiffalina's Conditioner (12 oz.)

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Tiffalina's Brand of Oil-Free Personal Care Items is #1 in Hair Care for Phase 2 of the diet. This conditioner is perfect for the DIY Diet Protocol, Nutrimost, Slim180, Shape Reclaimed, Ideal Protein and other oil free diet plans.

Tiffalina's Oil-Free Conditioner is the perfect solution to keep your hair looking and feeling great during the DIY Diet or other oil-free diet plans like Nutrimost, Shape Reclaimed, Slim180 and Ideal Protein. Your hair will be soft and shiny without being exposed to fats, oils, or extracts - items which (if included) could completely sabotage your amazing diet results. Tiffalina's Oil-Free Shampoo and Oil-Free Conditioner offer the best of both worlds - great hair and unhindered weight loss on the diet. Who could ask for more? 

Size: 12 oz.

**Everyone's body is different. If you notice slowing of weight loss, stall, or gain, stop use immediately.**


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I love this conditioner!!

I am pleasantly surprised how well this conditioner works. Makes my hair super soft and silky and NO fly-away's!!! I can't say that about my usual conditioner! Monica
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