Diet Cook Book - 201 Worry Free Diet Recipes for Maintenance Phase and Beyond

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Have you reached the maintenance phase? Congratulations! Don't panic as you replace your short list of foods allowed on the very low calorie phase of the diet with the endless list of foods allowed on the maintenance phase.  Do you ask yourself, "What can I eat on the maintenance phase so I don't gain the weight back?" Our mission for this recipe book is to provide you with over 201 recipes that are NOT obvious, boring, or tasteless. We want to give you variety for P3 breakfast, P3 snacks, P3 entrees, P3 party foods, P3 drinks, and combination foods for Maintenance.

Most of the Maintenance Recipes are designed for the No Sugar/No Starch phase of Maintenance but there are options for the second phase of Maintenance as well. This recipe book was designed as a cooking tool for Maintenance and beyond.  Each Maintenance recipe has nutritional information and serving size suggestions listed to help you gage your intake for everyday during P3.

The Over 201 Worry-Free Maintenance Recipes Book (Prinster & Mennemeier) also includes healthy P3 eating tips, diet tips, maintenance guidelines, and a discussion on Dr. Simeon's philosophy of maintenance. These P3 recipes have been put to the test, both in regard to taste and protocol acceptability. With your new knowledge of foods and the recipes in this P3 cookbook, the next few weeks of Maintenance will fly by. Savor your P3 meals and your weight loss success!

The Over 201 Worry-Free Maintenance Recipes Book Details: Soft cover, 8 x 10 inches, 138 pages, Full color, Copyright October, 2010, Written by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier


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Great Guidance in the Scary move to P3

I probably would've gained everything back I lost since Mainteneance seemed so scary and unknown, but this book gave me great ideas and recipes to use to keep me in my goal range! Thank you! Nancy

more than expected

Good service&#44; the cook book was more than I expected! Not only beautiful pictures&#44; good recipes&#44; but also some helpful article type writing about health products to get to know!<br /> <br /> I recommend it to anyone wanting to eat healthier&#44; whether on HCG maintaining&#44; or not. C. Tracy
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