Diet Cook Book - 101 Worry Free Diet Recipes

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The 101 Worry Free Diet Recipes Book by Leanne Mennemeier & Linda Prinster contains 101 recipes for Low Calorie Diet (Phase 2) beverages, P2 fruits, P2 salad dressings, P2 seasoning mixes, P2 salads, P2 soups, P2 vegetables, and P2 entrees eaten during the Very Low Calorie Phase (Phase 2 or P2) of the Low Calorie Diet Protocol. Don't get bored with the food choices by using the cookbook! Use these recipes which boast great taste.

Also included in the 101 Worry Free Diet Recipes Book are hints and tips from experts of the Low Calorie Diet, such as Linda Prinster.

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Great for planning meals!

“Since I’m a bachelor, I’m not much on cooking, grocery shopping or planning meals. I flat out couldn’t do the HCG Diet without this recipe book. It steps me right through all of my meals…straight to success!” Bernie

Helpful to figure out some variety

I like this book because it does help to figure out how to "mix it up" with so few food item choices during the VLCD phase of this diet. -Maybe it would've received 5 stars if there were actually more food options to eat! :) I know...can't help that part. Monica

Five Stars

Good book Dora W.

Good Accompaniment for the HCG protocol

Very helpful on the HCG diet. The book helps you change up the mundane. I would recommend this book to a friend Denise P.

Excellent Book for the HCG Diet

An excellent book to assist in making satisfying meals within the limitations of the Phase 2 - HCG Diet Protocol. I also like the tips and additional information given in this book that allowed me to solve many of the little problems that come up and stay on strack during Phase 2 of the diet. I bought the book after starting Phase 2 and wished I had gotten it when I ordered the HCG drops. Tom
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