POCKET GUIDE TO Dr. Simeons PROTOCOL - Foods for Each Phase of the Diet


If you don't want to lug the Weight Loss Cure Guide around throughout your day, this compact book is a great addition to your protocol library. The Pocket Guide to the Protocol is a summarized version of the Protocol in purse/pocket size purely for convenience. This little book packs the basic information including: a summary of a typical round of the Diet Protocol, approved "menu" for the protocol, rules for the maintenance phase, and a nutrition chart of 1,000 foods, drinks, and condiments charting whether or not each item is allowed on each phase of the protocol.

This small, summary book was created solely out of customer demand for a small resource to carry around while on Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the diet. All information in the Pocket Guide to the Protocol extracted from The Weight Loss Cure Guide to provide a convenient, carry-along version.


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Conveniate Guide for foods & calories allowed

I got this to look at the 2 stages of maintenance Bc I had already completed the 500 calorie part & it is a great resource & helping me out a lot! Kelli Cook


I ordered this book to help me to do the HCG diet. You have to have this book<br /> if you eat away from your home. I have used my everday. It is very helpful.<br /> I must say before doing this diet please go on there website and read all you can<br /> about this diet. I did very well but I am still doing it. I made the mistake<br /> starting before the holidays.That made it harder. If YOU CHEAT you will not lose and you<br /> could gain. One bite of something can mess you up for a couple of days. This is a long<br /> diet it takes several weeks to do it right. But it is a good diet. B.J

Great little reference to carry around.

While this is certainly not a complete guide to the diet&#44; it is a great miniature reference book to have with you throughout the day so you don&#039;t have to carry around the bigger HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide (of which I also have and use all the time). This book does not tell all about the diet&#44; but has the basic &quot;diet page&quot; out of the Dr.&#039;s manuscript and the nutrition chart out of the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide with all the foods and drinks telling you whether or not you can have them in the different phases of the diet. This chart is soo helpful&#44; especially on maintenance. I&#039;d definitely recommend this book to those on the protocol as a little carry around reference&#44; especially during maintenance. Joe Duck Hunter

Grocery Shopping Helper

Pocket Guide O. Brown


I am on my second round of the HCG protocol and was so happy to run across this book. I wish I would have had it the first round. Such a convenience to be able to have with me on the go. The calorie counting charts are so helpful&#44; especially on maintenance&#44; when I am unsure while eating out at new places. Taylor B.
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